Delphi, The oracle’s mountain

You might not have thought of visiting the towns of Greece. However, this one particular borough is sure to catch your eye. Greece is known for its historical and archaeological sites that does not limits the sphere of exploration for tourists.

Delphi is a beautiful town that lies on Mount Parnassus. This mountainous town is in the south of the country and is one of the most striking sights. Following is a list of places where you can go and have a great time if you plan a tour of the said town.


Athena Pronaia Temple

It is one of the most ancient sites of the town that is not much visited by people. However, those who have visited it, they long to come back here again and again. It is a magical sight with a free entry pass and much to observe under the same roof. There is a temple, and along with it, there are many treasuries of the older times. Not only the treasuries, but you can also see the famous Tholos of Delphi. Moreover, the view of the sky from this spot hits differently; the different shades of the sun in the temple are sure to leave everyone in awe.

Delphi Archaeological Museum

If you are a history freak and love to see antiques. Then this museum is the best place to have a sneak peek of the history of Greece. This museum was founded in the year 1903, but it holds a treasure of an even longer history. There are many statues, charioteer, the sanctuary of Apollo, treasuries, and many archaeological elements that are concealed on a vast area of 2270m2. Furthermore, the museum has a grand entrance, a café, and a gift shop to entertain anyone who visits this museum.

Corycian Cave

While you are on the tour of Athena Pronaia Temple, you must visit this Corycian Cave. On the slopes of Parnassus Mountain, this cave is a natural site. The name of this cave is after Greece mythology, but in modern terms, it means forty rooms. This cave has a long history as a place of worship for Pan and is a sacred place for Corycian people. Thus, the name is after both these tribes. Before this place became a site for visitors, it was used for refuge purposes. The cave is attractive, and one can have a nice walk inside the cave for an hour.

Hence, it’s a given. If you are to plan a trip to Greece, you should definitely tour the town of Delphi and not miss out on visiting all the interesting sites here and many more.