The temple is located in the region of North Evia at about one hour away from Athens. The holy relic of Saint John transferred there in October 1924 where founded a majestic temple in honor of the Saint, and then a large number of pilgrims daily visit the Holy Relic.

Saint John was born in Russia in 1690.In 1711 war broke out with Turkey,in which fought Saint John. The Saint was captured and became a Turkish slave, who carried him to his homeland in Prokopi of Asia Minor. Saint accepted the unbearable oppression and humiliation of the Turks who were trying to make him change his faith. Virtuous behavior made his master sympathized him and left free to carry out his religious duties.

The work he was responsible was in a stable the care of animals which performed with love and willingness. When he was 40 years old he fell seriously ill and died. On 27 May 1730 was the ceremony of the burial.His master gave the freedom to Christians to bury him in the church of Saint George and the holy relic entered in a marble urn. But in 1832 the remains of the shrine were thrown in fire.

However, relic remained intact. This fact frightened Turks who left far away. The body of Saint was placed in the urn again. The miracles that take place in the urn are well known and many people regardless of religion resort to heal.

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